ADVANTAGES OF SIMULATION LEARNING A range of easily accessible learning opportunities: In the current apprenticeship model, it is hoped that medical students encounter enough situations to ensure that they become competent. This method puts students and patients at a disadvantage. Simulation offers scheduled, valuable learning experiences that are difficult to obtain in real life. Students […]


As educational content evolves and medical technology becomes more sophisticated, the use of human patient simulation as an instructional strategy can enhance patient safety and optimize outcomes, providing a means of allowing medical and nursing students to “practice” critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and psychomotor skills in a safe, controlled environment, without potential risk to a […]

Mental Exercises To Keep You Sharp

Healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly help to keep the body in great shape. However, mental exercises are more proficient at training your brain and keeping your mind and memory sharp, especially as you grow older. Thankfully, these cognitive exercises are simple and don’t really involve overspending. Here’s a […]

Top 5 Condom Brands in Nigeria

A condom is a fitted tube worn over the penis during sex for men or inserted into the vagina before sex for women. They create a vacuum that keeps semen and other body fluids out of the vagina, rectum, or mouth during sex. Condoms have been proven to have up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. We will be listing […]

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